Prisma review meeting in Valencia

Prisma review meeting

Prisma review meeting in Valencia

Prisma project has completed its first year of activity and it is therefore time to share the work progress with the representatives of the European Commission.

The project started in July 2022: in these 12 (13 actually) months the consortium worked very hard to define the technical requirements of the Prisma solution and to explore various opportunities in terms of exploitation; from this point of view, dissemination and communication activities have mainly focused on supporting the tasks dedicated to exploitation, interacting with different types of stakeholders.

The review meeting of the 8th of September will be important to assess the activities carried out so far, address any problems that may have arisen during the course of the project work and plan the activities in view of the second year of the project.

The meeting will take place in Spain: the consortium – made up of DTU, Weizmann Institute, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Day One – will be hosted at the headquarters of the Spanish Institute in Valencia. This is the third in-person meeting ever for the project; an excellent opportunity for the team to meet again and share hints and ideas on the future of the project.

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