About Prisma EU Project

PRISMA is a revolutionary thin film micro-pump which can be used as an innovative pumping system in wearable insulin delivery devices for the treatment of diabetes. The long-term goal is to allow the realization of multi-drug delivery systems, making real the much-lauded multi-hormone treatment.






≈ mln EU Contribution




Issues to solve

The vast majority of Type 1 diabetes patients still use insulin pens or syringes. Prisma aims to address the barriers to the adoption of the insulin pumps.

Insulin must be taken frequently and accurately. The risks of not receiving the right amount of drug when needed are serious and can lead to death in a few hours.

Big insulin pumps make the therapy visible while patients often prefer to be more discrete about their illness and don’t want a device that constantly reminds them of their therapy.

Managing a pump therapy can be difficult for some patients, especially when all adjustments must be manual.

How Prisma will improve insulin therapies?



The reduced size of Prisma allows for a free design of shapes that will result in a pump that the user can forget about



The precise drug delivery will provide Prisma users with a reliable alternative to insulin pens



The reduced energy consumption, combined with the accuracy and size of Prisma, will allow for a better closed loop system that will simplify the user experience

Multi-hormone therapy


Thanks to the reduced size of the pump, the multi-hormone therapy will become a reality soon



Prisma innovative pumping system is a thin-film micropump realized with novel ceria-based oxides actuating materials in the frame of the FET-OPEN BioWings project. The main features are:

Size, which is more than two orders of magnitude smaller than state of the art.

Higher drug delivery accuracy within the 5% range ensures the highest

Higher drug delivery accuracy within the 5% range ensures the highest therapeutic efficacy.


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